Today's New Casual Game

Maggie′s Movies: Camera‚ Action! Collector′s Edition

Help Maggie follow her dream!
Help Maggie keep the show running‚ stay out of the Hollywood drama and follow her dream!

More New Casual Games

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Fantasy Mosaics 20: Castle of Puzzles
Alright! New pixel art challenges!

Royal Detective: Borrowed Life
These are no ordinary statues...

Living Legends: Beasts of Bremen
The melody is the key...

Lifeline is a playable‚ branching story of survival against all odds!

The Unseen Fears: Body Thief Collector′s Edition
Dark magic is roaming Amsterdam...

Gnomes Garden: New home
Obtain the Crystal of Eternal Light and return prosperity!

Ricky Raccoon 2: Adventures in Egypt
Ricky Raccoon′s next big adventure!

The Stone Queen: Mosaic Magic
Revive the Stone Queen

Rainbow Mosaics: Love Legend
A noble Love Legend mixed with fabulous mosaics puzzles!

Subliminal Realms: Call of Atis
Enter the worlds of Atis!

Redemption Cemetery: Night Terrors
Stop the Night Terror virus!

In Service of the Queen
Barbarians are pillaging our villages!

Atlantic Quest 3
Save the ocean and build your paradise!

Eventide 2: Sorcerer′s Mirror
Is love stronger than death?

Jigsaw Puzzle Women′s Day
New Jigsaw Puzzle Women′s Day!

Lost Grimoires: Stolen Kingdom
Master alchemy to heal the kingdom!

Edge of Reality: Lethal Predictions
These tragedies are no accident...