No.1 Hit Brain Teaser Game

I Spy: Spooky Mansion

A spooky mansion awaits you!
Through the creaking gates‚ you’d best beware. A spooky mansion awaits‚ enter if you dare! Explore the inside of a scary house.

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Travel Mosaics 5: Waltzing Vienna
A puzzling tour through Vienna with the Walker family!

Autumn in France Mosaic Edition
An exciting travelogue mosaic adventure through France

Fantasy Mosaics 24: Deserted Island
The penguins are off to solve puzzles on a deserted island!

Clutter V: Welcome to Clutterville
Explore 12 mines filled with clutter‚ sliders and more!

Rainbow Mosaics: Love Legend
A noble Love Legend mixed with fabulous mosaics puzzles!

Travel Mosaics 6: Christmas Around The World
A Christmas holiday mosaic adventure!

Rainbow Mosaics: Garden Helper
A brilliant multi-colored puzzle adventure in the garden!

Rainbow Mosaics 10: Christmas Helper
Solve festive nonograms and help repair your robot!

Rainbow Mosaics: The Forest′s Guardian
Meet the Forest’s Guard...

All-in-One Mahjong
An addicting mahjong challenge!

Clutter Infinity: Joe′s Ultimate Quest
This may be the best Clutter of them all!

Clutter VI: Leigh′s Story
By far the best Clutter yet!

I Spy Fantasy
Explore fantastical worlds!

Fantasy Mosaics 11: Fleeing from Dinosaurs
Experience this new insta...

Fantasy Mosaics 23: Magic Forest
A mosaic adventure in a magic forest!

World Mosaics 8: Fiction Fixers
Solve pictographic puzzles set in classic works of fiction.

Rainbow Mosaics: Treasure Trip
Take a journey across Europe and find hidden treasures!

Clutter II: He Said‚ She Said
Clean up the Clutter!

Avalon Legends Solitaire
Restore the Deck of Nature!

Travel Mosaics: A Paris Tour
A colorful mosaic adventure across France!