No.1 Hit Brain Teaser Game

Amazing Pyramids: Rebirth

Puzzle word adventure like no other!
Lead a group of scientists through amazing word adventures while using your wits and vocabulary to survive the blistering sun!

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Rainbow Mosaics 16: Helper New Year!
Festive new mosaic puzzles with your favorite robot!

Fantasy Mosaics 44: Winter Holiday
Help the Penguins make over a winter cottage!

I Spy: Spooky Mansion
A spooky mansion awaits you!

Fables Mosaic: Cinderella
Follow Cinderella and solve fun nonogram puzzles!

Picross Hansel And Gretel
200 exciting picross levels in a fairytale setting!

Detective Agency Mosaics
Track down the criminal while solving unique mosaic puzzles!

Fantasy Mosaics 43: Haunted Forest
A spooky forest path leads to mosaic puzzle fun!

Clutter Evolution: Beyond Xtreme
New challenging Clutter puzzles!

Daydream Mosaics
Enter a mesmerizing mosaics wonderland!

Rainbow Mosaics 15: Twilight Sentinel
Solve nonogram puzzles with your Robot Helper!

Clutter IX: Clutter IXtreme
The most fun un-Hidden Object game to date!

I Spy Fantasy
Explore fantastical worlds!

Fantasy Mosaics 42: Fairyland
Join Penny on her magical mosaic journey!

Liong: The Lost Amulets
Mahjong and Hidden Objects combined!

Fantasy Mosaics 41: Wizard′s Realm
Venture into the wizard′s realm of mosaics puzzles!

Clutter II: He Said‚ She Said
Clean up the Clutter!

Rainbow Mosaics 14: Hawaiian Vacation
Solve nonograms in sunny Hawaii!

Fantasy Mosaics 37: Spooky Night
A spooky mosaics adventure with your favorite penguins!

Fantasy Mosaics 36: Medieval Quest
Explore a dreamscape full of mosaic puzzle challenges!

Fantasy Mosaics 34: Zen Garden
Discover a new way to play mosaic puzzles!