The Enthralling Realms: The W..
02 May 19

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The Enthralling Realms: The Witch and the Elven Princess

On a journey to help people with her magic‚ a witch named Stella has traveled across the world with her companions Otto and Mia. Their journey has brought them to the borders of the elven kingdom. Eager to show her friends where she grew up‚ Mia convinces Stella and Otto to pay her old home a visit. However‚ they’re in for a terrible shock‚ the beautiful elven kingdom is no more. It has been attacked by a dark army and now lies in ruins. With the royal family nearly destroyed‚ Stella and her friends set out to restore the land and drive back its terrible foe.

  • 74 challenging match-3 levels
  • 20 upgrades to restore the elven kingdom
  • A beautiful soundtrack to set the scene

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System Required

OS: Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10
CPU: 600 Mhz
RAM:128 MB
DirectX: 7.0
Hard Drive:98 MB