Today's New Casual Game

Christmas Stories: The Christmas Tree Forest Collector′s Edition

Only you can save Christmas!
Can you bring back magic and rescue your mom in time for Christmas?

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Nancy Drew: The Deadly Device
An elusive killer shocks a high-tech lab!

Holiday Jigsaw Valentine′s Day
Fall in love with Holiday Jigsaw Valentine′s Day!

Clutter 3: Who is The Void?
What can you find in the clutter?

Haunted Train: Spirits of Charon
Charon′s train has left the station!

Mahjong Magic Journey
Embark on a magical adventure!

Witches′ Legacy: Hunter and the Hunted
Infiltrate the Order of W...

Through Andrea′s Eyes
Dive into a young girl′s mind!

Save the Furries
Rescue the Furries from the villainous Furax!

My Kingdom for the Princess IV
Start a service for lost princesses and find your one and only!

Sky Taxi: GMO Armageddon
The salvation of the world depends on you!

Echoes of Sorrow II
Find your missing children and prevail in the face of tragedy!

Mythic Wonders: The Philosopher′s Stone
Discover the Philosopher′s Stone′s secrets!

Dangerous Games: Prisoners of Destiny
Save your friends and escape from a deadly game world!

Obscure Legends: Curse of the Ring
Destroy the captain′s cursed ring!

An Island Lost in Time

A Princess′ Tale
Life is good when you′re the Princess!