Today's New Casual Game

Mystery Case Files: The Harbinger

Tragic endings and new beginnings!
A small-town murder case hides a revelation that will shake the agency to its core!

More New Casual Games

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Dark Mysteries: The Soul Keeper
Banish the soul-stealing spirit to save the town of Pawtuxet!

Rush on Rome
Search for the mysterious artifact!

Panda Gourmet
Learn to cook in this exciting Match 3 game!

Victim of Xen
Embark on a journey to reverse the royal witch′s spell!

Ancient Rome 2
Build large cities with roads and developed economies!

Detective Quest: The Crystal Slipper
Find a prince′s lost love in a fantastical faraway land!

Phantasmat: Crucible Peak
Is it possible to die‚ but remain trapped on Earth for eternity?

Fallen: The Flowers of Evil
One doctor′s house call is about to become an investigation!

Fairy Tale Mysteries: The Puppet Thief
Discover the truth of the missing children!

King Oddball
End the world in this compelling physics puzzle game!

Haunted Legends: The Undertaker
Stop the zombie′s outbreak throughout the city!

The Beast of Lycan Isle
Outwit the Mad Wolf King!

Mystery Case Files®: Shadow Lake
An evil legend haunts a forgotten town!

Break the Curse: The Crimson Gems
Only you can break the crimson gems′ curse!