Today's New Casual Game

Hungry Invaders

Grow‚ cook and save the world!
Help the team of brave young cooks save the world from big‚ scary and very‚ very HUNGRY INVADERS!

More New Casual Games

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Build-a-lot: Fairy Tales
Protect the town from fire-breathing dragons!

Help Sophie regain her memories in this unique Match 3 game!

Running Sheep: Tiny Worlds
The sheep are off to new adventures!

Time Chronicles: The Missing Mona Lisa
Travel through time to solve a dastardly crime!

Theatre of the Absurd
Outwit the sinister forces to save a little girl.

Secrets of the Dark: Eclipse Mountain
Save your friend from the Demon of Darkness!

Solve a strange case!

Spirit Walkers: Curse of the Cypress Witch
Travel between realms to ...

The Bluecoats: North vs South
Lead the American Civil War!

Kingdom Chronicles Collector′s Edition
Journey to a land of royalty and adventure!

Tesla′s Tower: The Wardenclyffe Mystery
Fix the past‚ save the color!

Dark Dimensions: Wax Beauty
Track down the Dark Dimension!

Slingo Supreme 2
Slingo Supreme 2 doubles the Slingtastic fun!

Snark Busters: High Society
Can you catch the Snark?

Jewel Quest Mysteries: The Oracle of Ur
Retrieve the Oracle of Ur!

Running Sheep
Help the sheep!

Whispered Stories: Sandman
Defeat the sinister Sandman!

Mermaid Adventures: The Magic Pearl
Retrieve the Magic Pearl!