Today's New Casual Game

Hungry Invaders

Grow‚ cook and save the world!
Help the team of brave young cooks save the world from big‚ scary and very‚ very HUNGRY INVADERS!

More New Casual Games

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Explore dangerous dungeons!

The Microbie Story
Help Gloria save the lab!

Sandra Fleming Chronicles: Crystal Skulls
Retrieve the mysterious skulls!

Munchies′ Lunch
Become a hero mom!

Val′Gor: The Beginning
Become the greatest magician ever!

Youda Farmer 3: Seasons
Rebuild the village and your farm!

Gourmania 3: Zoo Zoom
Launch exotic restaurants!

Island Tribe 2
Incredible island adventures!

Chronicles of Mystery: Secret of the Lost Kingdom
Help Chelsea unlock a mysterious vault!

Dark Dimensions: City of Fog
Search for a town consumed by fog!

Hide and Secret: The Lost World
Save a damsel in distress!

Puppy Sanctuary
Rescue cute puppies!

The Witch and The Warrior
Explore this magical world!

The Timebuilders: Caveman′s Prophecy
Guide your tribe out of its cave!