Today's New Casual Game

New Lands Collector′s Edition

A landowner′s work is never done!
Manage resources and projects to earn success in new lands!

More New Casual Games

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Puzzling Paws
A 3D block-pushing Puzzle game!

Wild West Story: The Beginning
Rebuild Bella�s hometown!

Art of Murder: Deadly Secrets
Solve the heist of the century!

Letters from Nowhere 2
Confront evil in Letters from Nowhere 2!

The Fool
Save the beautiful princess!

Shamanville: Earth Heart
Reignite the Heart of the Earth!

Try to master this original puzzle game.

Blood and Ruby
Find your missing brother!

The Curse of the Thirty Denarii
Find the thirtieth denarii!

Aspectus: Rinascimento Chronicles
Create the perfect painting!

Maestro: Music of Death
Stop a mysterious illness!

Dark Parables: The Exiled Prince
Discover the exiled Frog Prince!

The Revenge
Battle against the power of evil!

FBI: Paranormal Case
Discover the truth behind a thrilling mystery!

Flower Mania
Make the flowers bloom!

Mystery Agency: Secrets of the Orient
Find a magical talisman in India!