Today's New Casual Game

Travel To Mexico

A puzzle adventure through amazing Mexico!
Join the Hudson family on their trip south of the border - to amazing Mexico!

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Cleopatra: A Queen′s Destiny
Help Thomas fulfill a prophecy!

The Crop Circles Mystery
Solve The Crop Circles Mystery!

The Mysterious Past of Gregory Phoenix
Fulfill Gregory Phoenix’s legacy!

Little Space Duo
Help this Little Space Duo escape!

Miriel′s Enchanted Mystery
Unravel an enchanted mystery!

King′s Legacy
Build your very own medieval kingdom!

Midnight Mysteries: Salem Witch Trials
Can you solve this Midnight Mystery?

World Mosaics 3 - Fairy Tales
Go on a journey through literature!

Posh Boutique
Run the perfect Posh Boutique!

Jewel Charm
Design charming jewelry in Jewel Charm!

Hotdog Hotshot
Become a Hotdog Hotshot in New York!

Explorer: Contraband Mystery
Bring a smuggling network to justice!

Mysterious Travel - The Magic Diary
Join Julia on her Mysterious Travels!

Puzzle Bots
The robots are escaping in Puzzle Bots!

Deep Blue Sea 2
Discover the secrets of Avalonia!

Farm Craft 2
Stop the Global Vegetable Crisis!

AGON: From Lapland to Madagascar
Travel From Lapland to Madagascar!

Faded Reality
Help Monica solve a deadly mystery!