Today's New Casual Game

Edge of Reality: Call of the Hills Collector′s Edition

The seeds of change have been planted...
Can you save your world from magical beings bent on its destruction?

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Haunted Hotel: Lost Time
You’ll have the time of your life.

The Tower of Beatrice
Take on a thief’s quest and escape a deadly tower!

Neverland Treasure
A superb match-3 with popular characters from Peter Pan!

Legends of Solitaire: Diamond Relic
Accept an epic solitaire challenge!

Summer Adventure: American Voyage
Explore America this summer!

Adventure Trip: Wonders of the World
Explore the Wonders of the World!

Legendary Tales: Stolen Life Collector′s Edition
A family bond marked by the howl of the wolf!

PuppetShow: Fatal Mistake
Your professor’s been kidnapped!

Family Mysteries: Criminal Mindset Collector′s Edition
Is the human mind that easily corrupted?

Pixel Art 9
Follow the numbers and paint a beautiful picture!

Imperial Island 5: Ski Resort
Help Emperor Omadan build a ski resort.

Season Marbles: Summer
Dive into summer with this incredible set of puzzles!

Travel To Australia
Take a trip to beautiful Australia!

Alexis Almighty: Daughter of Hercules
Follow Alexis as she takes the fight to Chronos!

Unsung Heroes Collector′s Edition
Unearth the fascinating story of brave Xi Niu!

Chimeras: Cherished Serpent
Every small town has secrets.

Tales of Rome: Grand Empire
Rebuild a once great city in this challenging match 3 game!

Academy of Magic: The Great Dark Wizard′s Curse
A magical and adventurous match 3 game!