Today's New Casual Game

Rescue Team: Planet Savers

Rally the Rescue Team!
Stop a glacial meltdown that could have catastrophic consequences!

More New Casual Games

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Halloween Stories: Defying Death
Death always gets its dues...

Pixel Art 10
A new set of colorful paint by number puzzles!

Art Mahjong 4
Finish mahjong puzzles to unlock beautiful backgrounds!

tiny & Tall: Gleipnir
Solve challenging puzzles and discover a Norse legend!

Legacy: Witch Island 3
New adventures on an island under an evil curse

Hermes: Sibyls′ Prophecy
Fight to save the gods!

Fairy Godmother Stories: Little Red Riding Hood
Red Riding Hood′s been kidnapped!

Paint By Numbers 4
A new set of image waiting to come to life with color!

Dark City: Budapest Collector′s Edition
When Night Falls in Budapest...

Halloween: The Twelve Cards Curse
Solve puzzles and save Halloween!

Witches‚ Wishes and Whispers
Complete logic puzzles and craft unique potions!

Sweet Holiday Jigsaws: Halloween Night
Customizable Halloween Jigsaw Puzzles!

World′s Greatest Cities Mosaics 10
Travel the world and complete challenging mosaic puzzles!

Campgrounds V
The Campground is Back!

Grim Tales: Heritage
When the future sends a chilling warning...