Today's New Casual Game

Hungry Invaders

Grow‚ cook and save the world!
Help the team of brave young cooks save the world from big‚ scary and very‚ very HUNGRY INVADERS!

More New Casual Games

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Danse Macabre: Lethal Letters
The human mind′s no toy.

World′s Greatest Temples Mahjong 2
Mahjong with modifications

Royal Trouble: Honeymoon Havoc
Save our newlyweds from the conniving Lord Drak!

Mahjong Museum Mystery
Retrieve the stolen artifacts and catch the thief!

Sea of Lies: Beneath the Surface
What′s lurking in the water?

Royal Detective: Legend of the Golem
Golems are attacking Glanville!

The Hunt for Red Panda
Pursue a villain vandalizing famous masterpieces!

Solitaire Club
Become the Solitaire Club Champion!

Burn Gunpowder to solve puzzles!

Gardens Inc. 4: Blooming Stars
Become an international TV superstar!

Mystery Trackers: Paxton Creek Avenger
Someone′s after the Mystery Trackers!

Grim Tales: The Heir Collector′s Edition
You′ve got one dangerous family.

Fruit Lockers Reborn!
An exciting twist on the popular match-three puzzler!

Steel LIFE
The destiny of mankind is in your hands!