No. 1 Hit Mac Game

Mystery Case Files: Crossfade Collector′s Edition

A Mystery for all Time.
Master Detective must face the greatest challenge – time itself!

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Whispered Secrets: Dreadful Beauty
This hospital’s not for healing...

Runefall 2 Collector′s Edition
Embark on an epic match-3 journey across the kingdom!

Halloween Stories: Horror Movie
It’s Only a Movie... Right?

Darkness and Flame: Enemy in Reflection
Can you trust the person in the mirror?

Dark Parables: Portrait of the Stained Princess
When art mirrors life′s darkest realities...

Mystery Tales: Art and Souls Collector′s Edition
A father’s love knows no bounds…

Paint By Numbers
Painting has never been easier!

12 Labours of Hercules IX: A Hero′s Moonwalk
The first ever time-management adventure in space

Legacy: Witch Island Origin
Reveal the story behind t...

Rescue Team: Evil Genius
Battle nature’s fury in this time management classic!

Pixel Art 9
Follow the numbers and paint a beautiful picture!

The Chronicles of Robin Hood: The King of Thieves
Heroic and adventurous match-3 game!

Mystery Trackers: The Fall of Iron Rock
It′s no ordinary town...

Hidden Expedition: Neptune′s Gift
Some secrets are better left hidden...

Endless Fables: Shadow Within
The Prince of Nightmares is calling...