No. 1 Hit Mac Game

Farm Frenzy Refreshed Collector′s Edition

Down on the farm again!
Turn a humble little homestead into a booming agribusiness!

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Halloween Stories: Defying Death
Death always gets its dues...

Legacy: Witch Island 3
New adventures on an island under an evil curse

Edge of Reality: Call of the Hills
The seeds of change have been planted...

Travel To Mexico
A puzzle adventure through amazing Mexico!

Labyrinths of the World: Hearts of the Planet
What lies beneath the surface?

Solitaire: Elemental Wizards
Help Archmage Gideon and complete clever solitaire puzzles!

Art By Numbers 2
Complete incredible works of art and become the artist!

Paint By Numbers 7
Painting has never been easier!

Cooking Stars
Open restaurants and cafes! Become a cooking star!

Angkor: Celebrations
Quest for the Ceremonial Kila in this fun‚ engaging Match 3

Nevertales: Creator′s Spark Collector′s Edition
Your father’s been lost for decades...

Summer Adventure: American Voyage
Explore America this summer!

Adventure Trip: Wonders of the World
Explore the Wonders of the World!

Dreams Keeper Solitaire
Classic Solitaire set in the dream dimension!

Road Trip USA II: West
Take a Road Trip across the Western United States!

My Jigsaw Adventures: Roads of Life
Beautiful narrative driven jigsaw game!

Deja Vu
Help our hero find his lost girlfriend in the former USSR!

Fantasy Mosaics 41: Wizard′s Realm
Venture into the wizard′s realm of mosaics puzzles!