No. 1 Hit Mac Game

Detectives United: Phantoms of the Past Collector′s Edition

Stop and smell the roses.
The most perfect town in the world hides a terrible secret!

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Viking Brothers 5
Save Midgard in this magical time management adventure!

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Living Legends: Fallen Sky
The Sky Kingdom′s wrath approaches...

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Immortal Love: Kiss of the Night
Can true love overcome death?

Hiddenverse: Witch′s Tales 2
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Incredible Dracula: Vargosi Returns
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New Yankee in Pharaoh′s Court 6
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The Chronicles of Joseph of Egypt
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Whispered Secrets: Enfant Terrible
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Rose Riddle 2: Werewolf Shadow
Solve the mystery of the Werewolf Shadow!

Avalon Legends Solitaire 3
Join forces with the Elves to protect the wilds of Avalon!

Ramses: Rise Of Empire
Return Egypt to its former glory!

New Yankee in King Arthur′s Court 5
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League of Light: The Game
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Viking Brothers 4
Become an honorary Viking for life!

Persian Nights: Sands of Wonders
Save Persia from a mysterious plague!