No. 1 Hit Mac Game

Mystery Case Files: The Harbinger Collector′s Edition

Tragic endings and new beginnings!
A small-town murder case hides a revelation that will shake the agency to its core!

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11 Islands
Restore prosperity to the tribe of the Eleven Islands!

Detectives United: Origins
Three legendary detectives unite!

Avalon Legends Solitaire 3
Join forces with the Elves to protect the wilds of Avalon!

Queen′s Quest IV: Sacred Truce
Embark on an adventure in a fantasy world at the edge of war!

Vacation Adventures: Cruise Director 5
Take a fabulous cruise aboard USS Liberty of the Waves.

Brazilian Adventure
A breathtaking trip to 1950s Brazil

Rainbow Mosaics: Strange Thing
Another captivating rainbow mosaics trip filled with new colors!

World′s Greatest Cities Mosaics 6
Visit some of the world′s greatest cities as you play!

New Yankee in King Arthur′s Court 5
Save King Arthur from a fate worse than helmet hair!

Laruaville 7
Discover ancient Egypt!

Lost Grimoires 3: The Forgotten Well
Save the Phoenix Kingdom from the curse!

Darkheart: Flight of the Harpies
Challenge an evil presence and save your loved ones!

Fantasy Mosaics 28: Treasure Map
Short copy could be: A Fantasy Mosaics treasure adventure!

Dark Parables: Return of the Salt Princess
Save the World from Salt-Transmutation.

Road Trip USA
A Classic Hidden Object Game.

Fish Tycoon 2: Virtual Aquarium
Grow your fish empire in this fun simulation game!

Mystery of the Ancients: Black Dagger
An ancient evil returns...

Shadowplay: The Forsaken Island
This is no ordinary rescue mission!

The Far Kingdoms: Awakening Solitaire
Complete unique solitaire challenges and save your sister!