No. 1 Hit Mac Game

Edge of Reality: Call of the Hills Collector′s Edition

The seeds of change have been planted...
Can you save your world from magical beings bent on its destruction?

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Shopping Clutter 7: Food Detectives
Join the animal entrepreneurs and complete fun puzzles!

Garden City Collector′s Edition
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Haunted Hotel: Lost Time
You’ll have the time of your life.

Paint By Numbers 5
Enjoy the latest set of beautiful painting puzzles!

Enchanted Kingdom: The Secret of the Golden Lamp
The genie’s magic won’t be denied...

Deja Vu
Help our hero find his lost girlfriend in the former USSR!

PuppetShow: The Face of Humanity
Puppets - friends or foes?

PuppetShow: Fatal Mistake Collector′s Edition
Your professor’s been kidnapped!

Legendary Mosaics 2: The Stolen Freedom
Restore freedom in this comical nonogram game!

Rainbow Mosaics 13: Detective Helper
Sensational multi-colored nonogram investigation!

Living Legends Remastered: Ice Rose
A legend remastered... and reborn.

Rune Stones Quest 3
Help restore the Dwarfs homeland in this Match 3 Adventure

12 Labours of Hercules X: Greed for Speed
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Travel To Japan
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Subliminal Realms: The Masterpiece
Albert′s nightmare ...