No. 1 Hit Mac Game

Edge of Reality: Call of the Hills Collector′s Edition

The seeds of change have been planted...
Can you save your world from magical beings bent on its destruction?

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The Torment of Whitewall Collector′s Edition
Uncover a town’s mysterious torment!

Classified: Death in the Alley
Find and process evidence to uncover a killer!

Amanda′s Magic Book 2
Join Amanda and restore a magical world!

Viking Heroes Collector′s Edition
Join the Vikings on an epic quest to save Midgard!

Mystery Tales: Til Death Collector′s Edition
Love beckons from beyond the grave...

Legendary Mosaics: The Dwarf and the Terrible Cat
Solve mosaic puzzles and free the fairies!

Fantasy Mosaics 40: Alien Abduction
Rescue Robby from aliens and encounter new puzzles!

Dark City: Dublin
Dublin’s luck is running out.

Mindframe: The Secret Design
Some memories won’t stay buried.

Faraway Planets
Embark on a space exploration adventure like no other

Dark Romance: Ashville Collector′s Edition
When tragedy bridges the past and present..

Fatal Evidence: The Missing Collector′s Edition
When your friend’s wife is kidnapped…

SpongeBob SquarePants Typing
Master SpongeBob Typing from A to Sea!